Glasgow-based El Hombre Trajeado are Stevie Jones, Stef Sinclair, Ben Jones and RM Hubbert. Chemikal Underground released our fourth album, Fast Diagonal, on December 2nd 2016. Fast Diagonal features vocals by Ela Orleans, Chris Mack (James Orr Complex), and Sue Tompkins (Life Without Buildings), with artwork by Toby Paterson.

Mojo Magazine on Fast Diagonal: “There’s a jazzy intuition to their jerky kinetic jams that recalls fIREHOSE, Slint and prime-time Minutemen………..underlining the sophisticated, nonlinear pleasures at the frenzied core.” (4/5 stars)

You can listen to three tracks from Fast Diagonal here and order the record directly from Chemikal Underground here.

Fast Diagonal front cover. Artwork by Toby Paterson.
Mono, Glasgow, 2016. Photo by Brian Hartley.

Mono, Glasgow, 2016. Photo by Brian Hartley.