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... is no more

what can i say, we're all still friends and we will probably do some more music in the future; just not as el hombre trajeado

we all felt too constrained after more than 10 years in the same roles, it was too predictable, too easy

anyway, we are ending in the same spirit we started with

We have made all of our releases available for download from Bandcamp under a creative commons attribution-noncommercial-share alike 2.5 uk: scotland license. you get to pick the price (mimimum £0 for downloads, £0.50 for physical goods) for the download, cd and vinyl versions.

this basically means that you can download, distribute and remix any of the songs we release through the website for free as long as you a) don't sell them (you can however give them away for free) and b) maintain our credits on any derivative works

in case you were interested ...

el hombre trajeado woke up in october 1995, snoozed a little through 2003 / 2004, then went back to sleep for good in 2006

we had the pleasure of playing with some incredible bands such as :-
mike watt & the secondmen, tortoise, deerhoof, nick cave, sebadoh, the delgados, kreidler, plone, felix kubin, ganger, future pilot aka, eska, god is my co-pilot, 90 day men, mum, the karelia, country teasers, the yummy fur, the james orr complex, malcolm middleton, appliance, lung leg, six by seven, solex, twinkie & bis, to name but a few.

we released 3 albums, 1 ep and 6 singles on various labels and appeared on about 8 compilations

we recorded 3 peel sessions for bbc radio 1, 1 live session for the evening session (also bbc radio 1) and appeared on numerous regional tv and radio shows

some of the other projects that members of el hombre have been involved in include rm hubbert, arab strap, malcolm middleton, alasdair roberts, from home, maxton grainger, rude pravo, thermoderm, nostril, ooss & glue

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